Computer Power Cord

AC Power Cord
Plug the Universal Power Cord from FEDUS to replace your overused or misplaced power cable.
Universal Power Cords are designed to work with most PC’s, monitors, scanners, printers, and other devices that use a 3-Pin shroud power connector (C13).
All Power Cables from FEDUS feature a fully molded design that provides maximum durability and long life.
Overheating Protection


Long High Quality STQC(India) Compliant 3 Prong AC Power Cord Power cord for most models of a desktop PC computer, scanner, printer, LED TV monitor, projector, powered speakers, laser printer, gaming console and more that have a removable power cord and use the 3-pin power connector PC Power cord Designed for durability and dependability, 3-pin Power Cord is perfect for Desktop workstation Power cable provides maximum portability and works well as a spare cord – perfect for Offices and home use. Suitable Compatible With many application including Standard laptop computer / Notebooks / Printers / Scanners / Monitors and many more electronics using 3-pin power connector. This is used for powering a monitor or PC and a whole host of other PC Equipment like printer. The female connector plugs directly into the device while the male connector plugs into a standard outlet.

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